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Launching a New Website from Scratch Sucks

Authored By jcaldigital

There are many hidden fees, time consuming hiccups to learn about, and all in all, it’s easy to see how without the right education, you could easily sink money & time into a project that proves totally worthless.

If you really want to succeed, you’re going to have to trust someone to help.

Less Decisions, More Progress

It’s usually better to listen & move forward, rather than 2nd guess & wait. That’s easier done with accurate info, so here’s what I learned.

  • $60 annually for Google Apps for Business & Email Address
  • $48 annually for SiteGround Hosting. This needs purchased first.
    • This comes with a free domain at the time of this post. If you don’t buy your domain through them, go through Google Domains (about $15 annually)
    • $12 annually for HackAlert to protect your site.
    • $30 annually for Basic Backup Service.
  • will automatically download with SiteGround & is no charge.
    • Caution: is NOT Don’t do it!
  • I ran into very confusing information on installing & transferring domains (since I purchased through Google Domains), but SiteGround chat support was FANTASTIC at not just helping me, but also not being condescending. Completely helpful & completely awesome.

$150 annually to get my website up and running & a LOT of research.

$300 for an LLC. in Texas.

$25 per DBA

Legal resources can be downloaded for free if you are willing to power through quickly & plan ahead what you need. Such resources include, Partnership Agreements, Contractor Agreements, Consulting Agreements, Right of Use Agreements, Terms & Conditions, etc.

Mission Statement: J Cal Digital exists to serve honest, hard working small business owners by helping them undestand upfront what it takes to have a successful online business & by showing them the path to not just achieving an ROI, but preparing for sustainable & purposeful growth that one can be proud of.

Random FAQ

  1. What am I going to do with this? J Cal Digital will provide paid for educational training. Yes, I want your money. Yes, I want us both to succeed & know exactly what results we can expect together.
  2. Who is going to read this? Entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, students, managers, marketers, agencies, designers, advertisers, a large number of condescending trolls & the inevitable network marketers.
  3. What kinds of information will we be posting? Our goal is for every post to have a meaningful point & direction. There are many aspects of business that J Cal Digital will not touch. That are not the strengths of our team. However, we do know how to make friends with the best in each field & we’ll absolutely point you in the right direction for free, if we don’t provide the solution ourselves.
  4. From Jackson: Why am I doing this? I used to believe that your why should make you cry. And then I found more & more whys that make me cry. Hopefully, you’ve come to know a few of the reasons why. Most importantly, I am on a personal mission to do everything I can to make an impact on the global poverty levels. People deserve to have their basic, real needs met. I also am on a mission to provide the best life possible to my family. Lastly, I also have an extremely large extended family that needs my help & attention in a lot of ways. My skill & talent is business development & coaching. I know in my heart that my greatest source of influence will come in the business sector, but I know that my mission & purpose is to draw the eyes of entrepreneurs on to the needs of those who are so often forgotten. Why not just start a charity or work for one? Well, I’m no Bill Gates or LeBron James, but I think about what there lives would look like had they simply started a charity. Only by becoming the best in the world at the craft they were best at, have they been able to make the impact they desire. Had they ignored their true talents & gifts, they likely never would have been able to serve the world the way that they do. You may not like them, but their ability to influence & make global change is undeniable.
  5. From Jackson: Who am I doing this for? I am doing this for the struggling business. I am doing this for the students who feel out of place in college. I am doing this for those who are frustrated with the dying job environment. I am doing this for people who have found a desire to live a purposeful life. I am doing this for the men & women who aren’t consumed by money. Those people who want financial concerns to be a thing of the past, but have strong desires to live life & be a contributor to our global economy & culture.
  6. How often am I going to be posting and adding information? We will post when we have articles of value. Plain & simple. Often I will overwhelm you. Sometimes we will leave you to find your own way, while we improve our own.

Mostly, I look forward to hearing from you & helping you get from point A to point B. One step at a time, we’ll learn how fast you can crawl, walk or run. You’ll never find somebody who pushes you more openly & honestly. Many people do not like my honesty. I warn you now, but also promise you this: If I share anything with you that I feel you should improve, I told you the truth because I care about you & your success.

H. Jackson Calame
Founder | J Cal Digital

I help companies with Revenue Growth Strategies. This includes, business development, digital marketing, sales, customer service management, operations, and tying it all together. I also utilize a unique strategy for driving sales & conversions with YouTube & Facebook Video Advertising. Most importantly though, I'm a father to 3 beautiful kids.

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