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Authored By Naresh Ohri

If I ran my own Think Tank, I’d be diving into this with my members right now. There are so many consequences that will come to our world, but even greater are the opportunities that will open to the average (and below average) human being.

Facebook Just Clotheslined Live Entertainment Venues in the Same Way YouTube & Netflix Body-slammed Movie Theatres.

Most movie theatres have been feeling the pain of pirating & online entertainment for a long time now, but it’s an innovators market. Hence, why it’s incredibly important that we DO NOT stifle creativity in the minds of our youth. Live entertainment venues will have the opportunity to scale globally & promote their brands in a way never before possible. Many will simply hem and haw at the new territory but there’s a great chance that this is a win-win for the online & the physical world – even if there is initial backlash from the business sector.

Alas, Many Event Centers Will Close as Live Entertainment Becomes Accessible From Home.

Boohoo. The smartest & most diligent Event Centers & Entertianment Venues will do their due diligence to stay ahead of their market & adopt these technologies to boost their own presence. They’ll diversify & find new revenue opportunities. Most however, will blame the government, or low-standards of today’s generations, or some other external factor while ignoring their own responsibilities to meet the desires of their customers.

It’s just so much easier to blame someone else.


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