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Authored By Naresh Ohri

 The word plethora comes to mind…

Facebook Just Put Yet Another Arrow in the Heart of TV.

Yes. There’s More Than 1 Arrow in TV’s Heart Already. YouTube & Netflix have been eating TVs lunch for a few years now. Facebook however, has so much data on user behavior, such great search capabilities & emotional responsive data that finding a live show that is right for you will be easier for them to pull off than any other company, IMHO.

Instant Feed is Faster Than Channel Flipping.

By delivering the live feed nearly instantaneously by scrolling over each video, it’s like browsing TV channels on steroids. This has been a subconcious grumbling point for most of us using other streaming services up until nowT. With no load & wait times, *ahem*… Periscope (sorry Peri… hate to say it, but you’ve got little chance… Mark Cuban said it first, not me… skip to 24:20)… Facebook has a great shot at having people sucked into these channels for hours on end – in large part thanks to curation – delivering relevant content, immediately.

Viewing Content Based on Nearly 1 Billion Live Viewers Means You’ll Know Exactly What to Watch.

Scary. You thought kids became famous fast on YouTube? Just wait. I predict a whole new wave of Superstar Influencers. And well deserved, too. This will give prodigies a real stage to stand on. These aren’t “slow talents” (like myself) that hide behind edits, re-edits, reproduction, voice overs, retakes, etc. This will become the age of the prodigy, as kids & adults alike, will no longer need the technical know-how to upload and edit video. With a simple click of a Live Video button, performers & gifted individuals all around the world will have an instant audience to judge their value. How fun!

Hide Your Kids Tablets, Hide Your Wi-Fi.

Parents will soon understand the effect Live Video will have on their ability to connect with their children. Oh… they’re never getting off by choice now. You thought it was bad before? Yeah… you’re going to have to get involved unless you don’t care about talking to your children or interacting with them in the real world.

Live video will also have positive implications for many children throughout the world, as an educational resource with the ability to introduce a new level of cultural unity & awareness. Meanwhile, most parents will fail to even notice the impact until after it occurs. That’s just the cold hard truth.


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