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Our Services

J Cal Digital provides more than just a website. In fact, you may not need one at all!

We help your offline business match your online web presence & seek to improve both.

Many businesses & online service providers are guilty of treating the internet like a slot machine.

Frankly, we’re not a gambling agency. We believe in building & implementing quality strategies that you can sustain for years.

Revenue growth is the fun part for everyone: this includes online marketing, advertising, sales training, & conversion optimization.

These areas of business development only work if strategically planned out in advance.

Let’s review the typical website process in storybook format.

[Infograph <- Cheap Website Co. -> Fast/Easy Site -> Friendly & Supportive -> Happy Owner -> Until No Customers -> Blog Blog Blog -> Facebook Posts -> Twitter Tweets -> Site Visitors Not Tracked But Present -> Anxious Owner -> No Customers -> Hates Facebook -> Hates Twitter -> Hates Google] [Infograph <- J Cal Digital -> ROI Plan Review -> Fast Goals & Long Term Goals Established -> Stats Are Measured From Day 1  -> Desired Results Agreed to Upfront -> Offline Business Prep Begins -> Online Business Prep Suited to Match Offline Strategy -> Offline Strategy Increases Sales & Customer Experience -> Online Customers Begin Arriving -> Business Owner Surprised -> Results Are Measured: Positives & Problems -> Positives Enhanced & Problems Purged -> Online Customers Increase -> Phase 2 of Offline & Online Business Prep Begins -> Repeat As Long As Profitable]

What is a Campaign?

A Campaign is a series of operations intended to achieve a particular objective, confined to a particular area, or involving a specific type of strategy.

Website Campaign

SEO Campaign

PPC / Google AdWords Campaign

Facebook Advertising Campaign

Social Media Posting Campaign

LinkedIn Campaign

Pinterest Campaign

YouTube Advertising Campaign

Twitter Campaign

Online Reputation Management Campaign

eCommerce Campaign

What Order Would We Tackle These Campaigns In?

Book your Strategy Session to find out. OR Get The J Cal Digital Revenue Growth Strategies: Campaign Preparation Summaries

  • What assumptions will we make? (Business is established w/ or w/o a business plan. Or new company is launching with at least a solid business plan & funding figured out. Scaleable to at least $1 million in annual revenue? Sales method in place?)

The ROI Plan

Get your coffee because we’ll kick off with a value-packed, 1-hour session that aligns your goals with a clear path to specific results.


Launch A Campaign

We’ll help your team launch & implement your ROI plan successfully. Your campaign is completely customized to your growth.


Optimizing ROI

Long-term growth is the result of connecting marketing, advertising, sales, & support as one team, working in harmony. Finally.


Web Development?

Websites? SEO? PPC? Online Shoppin Carts? eCommerce? Email Automation? SaaS Implementation? We’ll hook you up.


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