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Are You Getting an ROI on your Business decisions?

Turn Your Online Visitors Into Customers

Online Strategy Session

In this 2 Hour Business Immersion Session, we’ll dive deep into your business to better understand your product, your customers, and your marketing goals. 

Your data, combined with our expertise and ROI Calculator, will reveal how much you stand to gain through working with us. 

From learning to spend your marketing budget wisely, to learning how to scale your revenue growth, this session is jam packed with value for your entire organization.

Together, we’ll create a custom game plan that will get you paying customers and move revenues forward like never before. 

Let’s do this already!

Get Your Custom Plan

What You’ll Get…

Your Time is Limited

You’re already busy enough as it is just running your business. We're here to help. You don’t have the time or energy required to oversee the quality of your marketing and take care of your day to day operations, so let's make it First Class together.

Personal Guidance

You should NOT be removed from your messaging, just guided on it. You need some help with delivery, regular reporting, and your team needs training. You need teammates that can help you accomplish your goals and make your First Class Vision a reality.

Wasted Resources

Tired of wasting ad spend and time? Unable to see the results of your marketing? We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Be ready for a clear line of sight to your results, but more importantly, be willing to make the changes that are necessary to win.

Don’t Miss Out, Get Your Custom Plan


Video Power Marketing tripled their business growth in 18 months, moving from 5 managed clients per month to more than 20 per month, plus opening a coaching program.
Jake Larsen
Founder, Video Power Marketing Agency
Joe Caruso's Golf Academy was spending over $500 per month with no website results. Within 2 days, they had online lesson requests and $300 per month in website savings.
Joe Caruso
Owner, Joe Caruso Golf Academy
First Class Business was pivotal to operations and growth at RestaurantConnect. Training webinars for dozens of distributors and refining our enterprise sales methods is just a start.
Adam Christopher
Founder, RestaurantConnect SaaS
First Class Business overhauled the Customer Onboarding Experience for clients and worked with our team to create a seamless experience for clients to achieve their results.
Thomas le Maguer
Founder, eRational Marketing B2B Services
Prior to First Class Business, we found ourselves buried in the weeds and the grind. In two meetings, we found clarity that catapulted our vision and we've never looked back.
Rekesha Pittman
Founder, Go EAST Retreats Coaching
First Class Business helped our location achieve a 35% increase over our previous years results using Facebook ads and a great offer for our market. We highly recommend this team!
Celeste Mann
Franchisee, Twice the Ice



First Class Business has found its success by working with experienced entrepreneurs that understand the value of providing best in class service to their market.

Entrepreneurs that work with us have tremendous character and demand excellence of themselves and others.

We’re not here to convince anyone to change. You have to want to be the best and be committed to making your team the best, from top to bottom. As entrepreneurs, we understand the sacrifices that are required to achieve lasting results. 

We know there are hundreds of agencies out there full of smoke and mirror tricks, false promises, and “yes men”. 

We’re here to challenge those who want to be challenged and to raise the bar.

Most people do NOT like working with us. They simply can’t take it, and that’s OK. We exist to find the winners. 

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. This Service Comes With A

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Your success is our success. If you don’t feel that you receive value from your Strategy Session, then we don’t deserve your money. Honesty, clarity, and transparency are important to us.

This guarantee eliminates all risk on your end so you have nothing to worry about. You can rest easy knowing that your investment deserves a valuable return. We don’t invest lightly, so we don’t feel that you should have to either.

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